Maledicus Final Reaction

I have finished the novel Maledicus by Charles F. French and overall it was a very enjoyable read. It was assigned for my english class but it felt far from an assignment when I was reading it. I really enjoyed the change of pace from a typical story because the main characters were all older men. It is a new point of view that I do not get to experience much reading novels. Another aspect of the novel that I really enjoyed was how every chapter towards the beginning was from a different time period and point of view but as the story progressed, it came around full circle and caught up to current day. Though at times it could be confusing towards the beginning, I think the different point of views ended up working out for the story and added an interesting element. The storyline with Patrick and Michael was also somewhat confusing at first but I liked the role they had in the ending of the story and how Patrick went out with an honorable act. It was sad to see how characters like Branwyn and Father Bruno were taken down by Maledicus because they truly seemed like good characters who were good people but in good horror stories there has to be victims and death. Overall, I really enjoyed this read and look forward to potentially reading the next books in the series.

Frankenstein Reaction 2

I have now finished the famous Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I overall enjoyed the book despite it being relatively short. The rise of the the monster learning how to pretty much become human and how humans go about their lives is an interesting thing to read. The monster throughout the story needed Victor to be a father figure but Victor was never able to do that. Victor is very self absorbed throughout the entire story and is really only looking out for himself. The monster is practically a child who needs to be looked after and has a lot of things to learn. It is very apparent that the monster is becoming human when he confronts Victor and asks him to make a female mate for him. Victor at first accepts but soon realizes the potential horror of his creation decides to kill it. The monster becomes enraged and vows to get revenge on Victor on his wedding night. Victor being the selfish man he is doesn’t realize that the monster is referring to Elizabeth and not him. Everyone that Victor knows is dying and at this point he is alone and has become very sick. Victor being so self centered has led to the death of all of his loved ones and has led to him being ill by himself. Despite Victor and the monster having their problems, the monster mourns the death of Victor because he is the one who brought him into the world and is essentially his god. The monster decides that it is time for him to die because he has no reason to live without his creator. The ending adds an interesting dynamic of how despite the murders and chasing one another, they both still were very significant to one another. The book was a great quick read and would recommend the classic to everyone.

Frankenstein Post #1

I am approximately halfway done with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I am intrigued by how the story is told. The novel starts with Walton’s letters to Mrs. Saville which are used to introduce specific characters and elements to the readers. The way the majority of the story is told is Victor Frankenstein is telling Walton on the ship about his experiences. This is through direct storytelling and through old letters. Victor tells us about his family background and introduces us to all the important characters. One of the most important characters he tells us about is Elizabeth Lavenza who is a girl his parents adopted. Victor and Elizabeth are meant to be together from the start and his parents want to see them end up getting married. Victor also tells us about his childhood friend Henry Clerval who is a factor later in the story. Victor tells us about how he becomes very intrigued with philosophy and begins studying the outdated readings of certain philosophers. It is decided that Victor will go to Ingolstadt to continue his education but before he leaves, his mother catches a sickness from Elizabeth and passes away. While at school, Victor meets various professors who get him intrigued with the new sciences. Victor becomes obsessed with his work and soon becomes ill from isolation from everyone. Victor starts a secret creation where he ends up making a monster-like creature that gets away. Victor learns that his brother was murdered and finally decides to go back home. Victor thinks his monster killed his brother but keeps it in secrecy which leads to Justine to being hung for the murder. Victor then meets the monster who brings him in the cave and tells Victor about his life story and how he is learning. Victor’s secrecy is a major theme in the novel because many problems could have been avoided if he had shared his findings and had not acted jealously like all other scientists. I am very excited to continue reading and learning more about the story.


Hello, my name is Sean Lockwood and this is my blog for English 11 at Lehigh. I will be discussing various books such as Frankenstein, Maledicus, and The Shining. I hope you all enjoy reading about what I have to say. Some information about me is that I am a huge fan of sports. I am big on baseball, basketball, and football. I am very intrigued by the statistical and numbers side of sports. I enjoy doing research on it and analyzing data. I also really enjoy going to the beach especially in Long Beach Island. I am a freshman and planning on becoming an Industrial and Systems Engineer. There is not much else to say about me so thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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